Book The Salvation – Unseen. Book The Salvation – Unspoken. THE STEFAN'S DIARIES NOVELS. Book 1: Origins. Book 2: Bloodlust. Book 3: The. The Vampire Diaries # L. J. Smith PDF - The Salvation: Unseen. For what seems like O PDF do primeiro capítulo ainda não está disponível. O Skoob é a . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. L. J. Smith has written a number of bestselling books and Book 1 of 3 in The Vampire Diaries - The Salvation (3 Book Series).

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "An incredible storyteller." -Los Angeles Daily News Graham wields a deftly sexy and convincing pen." -Publishers Weekly. Unseen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The greatest threats are the ones what seems like the first t. "The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation" (and all future books in the series) are not written by L.J. Smith, at all, and The greatest threats are the ones unseen.

In this book, Elena and Stefan have lived for years since destroying Klaus.

Elena has been attacked over and over by the powerful and vengeful Old Ones. Meanwhile, Damon and Katherine have been traveling Europe with Katherine turning any handsome young man she finds and dumping them when she gets bored with them.

Damon is successful in charming young girls without the use of his Powers and finds willing blood-downers to drink from.

The Salvation: Unseen

Damon and Katherine and Katherine's vampire boy-toy are attacked suddenly by a group of powerful and seemingly unkillable vampires. Katherine's boyfriend gets killed, but she and Damon escape successfully.

Back in Dalcrest, Elena is driving her car when it suddenly speeds up exceedingly and and she crashes.

Elena is saved by another Vampire Hunter named Jack. Elena and her friends establish that the Old Ones know of the weakness to her protection against supernatural powers, had Jack not saved her, the car would've exploded leading to an un-supernatural death. The Old Ones want Elena dead. Bonnie McCullough and her boyfriend Zander go to Mrs.

Flowers' and find that she has a guest that tells Bonnie that she is also a witch and has the powers of illusion. Flowers asks Bonnie to go to an organisation that will teach her more about her own aura and Powers.

Bonnie is reluctant, but Zander encourages her to go and increase her knowledge of her powers and her strength and heritage and Bonnie agrees.

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Bonnie leaves the next morning. Jack tells Elena and her friends that the Old One that they're up against is named Solomon, a very ancient and very powerful vampire with much more power than Klaus or any other Old One they've fought.

Elena and Stefan come home one night to find that Elena's cat has been killed with a warning from Solomon who has also stolen their best weapons. Elena and her friends are later attacked by compelled humans who claim to be sent by Solomon.

They go to a location where the humans claim that Solomon told them to go, and Elena and her friends go instead only to find a trap waiting for them and almost burn to death. Damon calls Stefan and indirectly asks for help doesn't tell him about Katherine's death only to be let down by his younger brother.

The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation Series

Elsewhere, Bonnie gets settled with her group of witches and psychics and feels like she is understood by people who are like her. Damon and Katherine have still been attacked by powerful vampires who refuse to die. Katherine whom Damon had been falling in love with sadly gets killed by one of the Immortal Vampires and drops in Damon's arms before he temporarily kills that vampire.

Stefan, Meredith, Matt, Jack, the Original Pack and other vampire hunters and the protagonists attack and find with the help of Elena's and Andres's Guardian Powers the place where they believe Solomon to be. They succeed in killing all his minions. When they think they have won, Solomon reveals himself, being very handsome and powerful he holds them all in place and causes one of the vampire hunters, Trinity to get a nosebleed.

He walks around the room examining them with eyes glowing gold. Later, they discover that Solomon isn't dead and that he had possessed a man named Gabriel and now has possessed Trinity, as her eyes are now gold and not the original color they used to be - Solomon has possessed Trinity.

The other hunters and Elena struggle with killing a fomer member for reasons of not being sure whether or not Trinity's consciousness is still in there. Stefan on the other hand, has already decided to kill Trinity along with Meredith and Jack much to Elena's distaste.

Stefan feels Katherine's spirit say goodbye to him and instantly knows that Katherine is dead. Bonnie, elsewhere, has been growing stronger with her witchcraft and psychic energy. She learns to channel her power into a stone on a necklace Damon had given her for her birthday and channels her new friends's energy to practise growing her own. Damon finds a lab in his whereabouts where he believes the vampires are experimenting and creating a new incredible unkillable species.

Elena and Matt soon learn that Solomon isn't to be messed with, but are saved by Elena's Guardian Powers. Meredith goes for a jog and sees a couple making out, then she realizes that they aren't a couple and that it is Trinity who is now somehow a vampire. Meredith runs home and tells them all what happened. Elena, Matt and a few other hunters still believe Trinity's still in there with further conflicts between the group. Andres is butchered by Solomon, breaking Elena's heart and fueling much more anger towards the Old One.

Elena gets a phonecall from Damon who tells her about Katherine and about his fight and that he asked Stefan for help, but he refused, much to Elena's annoyance. She says she is sorry for Katherine's death and she knows how Damon felt about her hinting that Damon had been falling in love with Elena's half-sister.

Elena asks Stefan if he had refused to help Damon which Stefan does not deny and says that he needed to stay and protect her. Elena says that she is not the only girl in the world, but Stefan answers that to him, she is and frustrating Elena.

Bonnie returns after an epic magical performance with her Psychic Witch friends. She has a party waiting for her and she notices the tention everyone carries. But her best friends tell her that she shouldn't worry and they would tell her about it the next morning.


Meredith and Alaric are married and she's finishing up at law school. Meredith and Stefan are hunting Old ones.

When they finally think they've killed them all Elena is almost killed in a car crash. Of course this makes everyone run around like headless pigeons not chickens, it would be offensive to chickens as they are more clever than most of these characters.

So blah blah more hunters show up and want to help kill Solomon the super duper evil old one that oh shock horror kills Elena's cat! Excuse me while i look for a fuck to give. Anyway they are all trying to look for him, but, you know what, fuck all that, it was boring and repetitive, as usual Bonnie and Elena save the day at the last minute blah blah blah. My favourite parts are the bits with Damon's pov.

I will admit that in this book i loved he change of pov, because it changed a lot, so i didn't have to put up with too much Elena and Stefan rubbish. I'm not saying i hate S and E's relationship, in fact i was quite pleasantly suprised that there was a very minimal amount of love triangleness. But anyway Damon was travelling around with Katherine which was brilliant and unexpected.

PDF - The Salvation: Unseen

But then Damon is getting attacked by unkillable vampires which he later finds out is part of an experiment to create a new race of vampire and get rid of the original type of vampire e. Damon and Stefan, one of them dies, but i won't say which, and when i say dies i mean seriously actually dies.

Not in the stupid coming back to life way like Damon and Elena did. The one thing that pissed me off most about this book is that i couldn't figure out where the author is taking it.

I mean i get the action side of things, but the emotions part confused me.Because of the blood gushed everywhere That in her bedroom, she believesa everyone went mad with guilt over having killed Sue and stabbed herself with a pair of scissors.

Elena Damon Decides That is not acting like himself. Bonnie and Meredith are left to guard Vickie. The car didnt slow, but the wheel began to vibrate in her hands, small tremors at first, becoming faster and faster. Over the next few weeks, Elena becomes more concerned at how Stefan seems to be drawing subtly away from her and keeping secrets. Elena winced, remembering how shed woken up with a bad concussion, Celine long gone.

Katherine reveals that she is the one who attacked Vicki and ran Elena off the bridge. I have a feeling Bonnie's will really pick up later to make hers really count. A lot must have happen in the meantime.

Damon suddenly comes to himself with vague memories of hurting Elena.