More! Level 2 | MORE! is a four-level course from a highly respected author team that's bursting with features for lower secondary students. | Herbert Puchta, Jeff. More! Level 2 | MORE! Second edition is a four-level English course from highly respected authors that inspires young teenagers to learn. | Herbert Puchta, Jeff. More! Level 2. MORE! is a four-level course for lower secondary students that's such as the free Student's Book CD-ROM, Classware DVD-ROM, Testbuilder.

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Each level of MORE! contains hours of class material. Key language for each unit is introduced in a photostory and put to use through the 'Language. A Cyber Homework access code on the CD-ROM gives students access to two sets of online interactive exercises per unit. Teachers set and monitor the. More! Level 2 Workbook with Audio CD Czech edition by Herbert Puchta, Other books in this series. More! Level 2 Student's Book with Interactive CD-ROM.

She also never forgets his birthday! There is always so much to do, so much to see, and so much to eat. His grandfather is never too tired to play that is, almost never and his grandmother tells him stories about Mother Bear when she was a little cub.

Also, like all grandparents, the elder bears indulge their grandson more than his parents do.

Balance Mathâ„¢ & More! Level 2 - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY)

And Little Bear enjoys that! Sal and her mother are picking blueberries to can for the winter.

But when Sal wanders to the other side of Blueberry Hill, she discovers a mama bear preparing for her own long winter. Meanwhile, Sal's mother is being followed by a small bear with a big appetite for berries! Will each mother go home with the right little one?

This simple and humorous story is sure to delight children as they read about the peddler's problem and the creative way he resolves it. Caps for Sale is a wonderful book for young readers and features rhythmic repetition, color words, and easy-to-read sentences.

A principal aim of the book is to teach children important vocabulary while giving them wide-ranging insight into the ancient world and its contributions to our lives.

Michael Clay Thompson has designed this book to reinforce the entire language arts curriculum; every strand of the curriculum is revisited in each of the twenty lessons. There are analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and word searches.

Vocabulary is loaded into all the activities, and there are new vocabulary terms added to the stem lessons. Other sections provide short introductions to major authors whose works are used in the examples.

Teach and learn English

Through every set of five lessons, a different level of grammar analysis is emphasized, so the first five are devoted to the parts of speech, the next five to the parts of the sentence, then phrases, and finally clauses. Using the vocabulary words of the lesson, his poems offer students a perspective on the Roman world through the eyes of one of its denizens.

In addition, the book includes: Concentration on the links between English and Spanish, highlighting the Spanish cognates of the English vocabulary that the students are learning. With dedicated reading, culture, grammar, vocabulary, skills and cross-curricular learning sections, plus a wide range of flexible components, you really do get more with MORE!

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The Workbook with Audio CD contains exercises for extra practice in reading, vocabulary, listening, grammar, and a 'Writing for your Portfolio' section. English in Mind Level 5: Level 5 is for upper-intermediate to advanced level students. The popular 'Literature in mind' feature presents unadapted extracts from modern and classic fiction and poetry.

New at this level, the extra 'Speaking' feature encourages students to concentrate on speaking skills such as giving presentations, taking part in discussions and debates. Also new at this level, the 'Writing bank' gives models and guided practice of different genres of writing.

The 'Literature in mind' feature presents further unadapted extracts from modern and classic fiction and poetry. A free interactive CD-ROM is included which combines the Workbook audio material with interactive grammar and vocabulary skills exercises so that students can practice what they've learnt at their own pace.

A bright new four-level lower-secondary course from the English in Mind author team. There is thorough coverage of grammar via a dedicated secion in each unit.

The English in Mind Combos offer flexibility in a contemporary English course for teenagers. Each Combo contains eight Student's Book units with the corresponding Workbook material grouped into two modules, and offers approximately 40 to 45 hours of classwork. Clear learning objectives at the beginning of each module, plus 'Check your Progress' sections at the end, help students and teachers plan learning more effectively.

The English in Mind Combos can be used with mixed-ability classes.English in Mind Level 4 Workbook: Teaching suggestions and detailed solutions are included in each book. A life skills lesson in every unit promotes planning and organization, critical thinking, problem-solving, social skills, or cultural awareness.

And Little Bear enjoys that! For use in the classroom, teachers can access the tutorials on the Classroom Presentation Tool! The Starter level is for complete beginners.

The regular use of multimedia materials and class and homework activities on the Resource Center ensures that the students are learning from a variety of sources. It also includes extra vocabulary exercises corresponding to the expanded lexical sets in the Student's Book 'Vocabulary Bank'.

She makes him a hot lunch knowing he will be hungry after his imaginary trip to the moon.