Tata book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A series of high-profile acquisitions, including Jaguar Land Rover and Corus S. these questions are given in the book "TATA-The. Evolution of a Corporate Brand " which is written by. Morgen Witzel and is foreworded by Ram Charan. TATA the Evolution of a Corporate Brand - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. TATA the Evolution of a Corporate Brand.

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(c) >>> page 1 of 6 PDF File: 37b2b2 Tata: The Evolution Of A Corporate Brand By Morgen. PDF | Morgen Witzel, Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand. New Delhi: Penguin Books, , pp., ₹ [Hardback]. the least, by other members of the Tata group? Answers of all these questions are given in the book Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand, which is written by.

It set a rejection rate of less than parts per million and expected to reduce warranty costs tenfold. Tata engaged subcontractors, signing them to long-term volume contracts rather than annual contracts. Critics questioned whether the low price meant the vehicle was of low quality. Depending on the country, in this case India there is a specific environmental requirement, and if not will it meet the needs of other countries the rest of Asia and Africa.

Most of us are victims of the environment in which we are and Launched in , this incredibly charming CC engineering marvel was launched with a much fan fare and expectations.

It was positioned as the ultra low cost car, falling under the price bracket of under 1 lakh. A vehicle that could be affordable and low cost enough to be within everyone's reach, a people's car, built to meet all safety standards, designed to meet or exceed emission norms and be low in pollution and high in fuel efficiency. This then was the dream we set ourselves to achieve. Many said this dream could not be achieved.

Some scuffed at what we would produce, perhaps a vehicle comprising two scooters attached together or perhaps an unsafe rudimentary vehicle, a poor excuse for a car. The reason could be any. Since its launch, it was positioned as a family car which is cheap and reliable.

But, then speaking at a recent event in Chennai, Ratan Tata admitted that the mistake was branding the model as the cheapest car instead of affordable car. Now Tata is Shifting the Target Market from family to youth: now Tata is trying to build a youthful and aspirational value around the brand.

Tata is now taking lessons from fashion designer Masaba Gupta on the launch of the Twist.

TATA the Evolution of a Corporate Brand

They now concentrate on to get youngsters to look at the Nano as a fashion accessory. The company promises more on-ground activities and showcases at colleges to woo the youth.

Radical Change in Positioning: From a people's car and the world's cheapest, the Nano is now emerging as the smart city car for young achievers. Based on market research, Tata Motors has segmented potential customers into first- time downloaders, those looking for a replacement or an additional car and others who want more features and performance.

Near- term plans include a variant with automated transmission to strengthen the smart city car positioning. Whether it is successful in its objective or not, only time will tell. But, an attempt has been made in this report to understand the effect and predict the success of the brand. And the results are quite revealing. It is also found that Nano scores very less when it comes to safety.

Neelam Kalla, in her research paper, ,discussed the brand positioning disaster of Tata Nano. According to her, Tata Nano is the best example of positioning and repositioning where both the strategies failed.

In the case of Tata Nano; a number of factors have played a significant role like production delays, product attributes, economic crisis, political controversies or failure to select the right market segment. Maruti Suzuki was pondering upon the strategic option of discontinuing the production of the than available cheapest car of Indian Market and it flagship product Maruti Suzuki When Tata launched Nano; it was not just a business opportunity, but also a tool to improve quality of lived of millions of Indian who were facing the dangers of fast paced roads and everyday were being exposed to accidents due to non-affordable four wheelers.

At that time and still true to some extent the average Indian customer could not afford a four wheeler because most of the four wheelers are out of the budget. According to Kapferer brand consists of six main factors that are: physic personality, Consumer downloading behavior, culture, relationship, reflection and self-image.

Weiss , Suggested that positioning should also has an element of social accountability. According to Dr. Neelam Kalla this trial to position Tata nana for social concern also did not work for Tata. The cause behind this was the social concern on the part of top management of Tata Motors. Neelam Kalla further discussed the psychographic factors responsible for failure.

In a country like India, a car which a matter of social prestige and economic state , a consumer wants to be viewed as financially well doing prestigious owner of a four wheeler and this psychological need was totally ignored in the case of Tata Nano. According to Natasha Saqib, in the highly volatile markets and ever changing customer preferences, the key to survival is the right positioning.

Positioning is all about getting the right position; but the game remains absolutely psychological. It was envisioned by the Tata Group former chairman Ratan Tata himself. And how finally after four years of it commercial launch, understanding the inevitability of positioning management repositioned Tata Nano as a "Smart City Car" by focussing on the youth to rejuvenate its image According to H.

Adithya while selecting a car, the consumers considers many factors like price, fuel economy ,driving comfort , maintenance cost , attractive model , status symbol , resale value , latest technology and brand image and in India companies try to use these factors as differentiating planks to develop their positioning strategies. According to Natasha Saqib, the reasons for Nano getting wrongly positioned was the failure of its primary positioning strategy i.

While the endeavour was presumed to be an exciting, and brilliant societally, for any consumer downloading the Nano, there is the inherent danger of being viewed by his social group as poor as they were owning a car that is thought off as cheap.

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Because of the intense perception of class position in India, it turns out that many poor people would rather download a used, higher-end car than download a Nano, which would mark them as poor. Also because in India price serves to signal quality i. Aaker and Shanby , According to Natasha, developing an effective positioning strategy is inevitable nowadays for any organization.

All Rights Reserved. Ratan Tata's vision became reality when the car was designed in but it was not unveiled until at New Delhi auto expo. Fifteen months after its unveiling, the actual launch happened in March The basic model of the car cost 1,20,, including road tax and delivery, which is half the price of the cheapest small car, Maruti By the end of the year , about 77, Tata Nanos had been sold.

Nano - Fire Incident : To add to already crisis stricken Nano, in mid, few cars burst into flames due to electric circuit failure, raising fears about the safety of the vehicle. Especially in the hot weather conditions of India, fire incidents of this kind are not uncommon. However, given the hype surrounding its launch, every accident that Tata Nano met with became front page news.

And they have not managed to convince the people that Tata Nano car is safe Conclusion : If not for the afore mentioned incidents with The Tata Nano and poor marketing as the cheapest car, Tata Nano would have proved to be a best selling innovative car that would have changed the lives of Indian masses and further won accolades at the world stage as well.

Ashok Kurtkoti Sandeep Prabhu Objective To conduct market study to determine the customer satisfaction, to carry out gap analysis and to find out whether there is any effect of the fire incidents reported earlier on the customers of TATA Nano in Pune City. Summary In order to determine the customer satisfaction and to find the effect of fire incidents on the customers in Pune, customers were approached for the survey out of which 54 has responded.

The questionnaire designed to determine the customer satisfaction was framed using the following parameters : 1. Affordability 2. Safety 3. Driving comforts 4. Maneuverability 5. Car interior design 6.

Waiting period 7. After sales service 15 Findings of the study 1.

The most significant gap that was found from the study was waiting period. The delivery time was more than what was promised by the dealer and hence the customers were dissatisfied 2. Affordability was the least significant gap 3. There was no significant difference between affordability, maneuverability, and car interior design.

Conclusions 1. The TATA nano car customers are not satisfied with the car performance 2. Fire incidents reported earlier had an effect on the customer satisfaction 3. Customers are satisfied with the affordability of the car. It sold only Nanos down form the which were sold in previous July.

The reasons for the same can be attributed to the production delays, fires, the stigma of downloading a cheap car. The volume of information is overwhelming. This situations being an effective change agent necessitating a leader not to copy a single leadership style but to have the combination of different styles and strategies which shall work every time systematically.

According to McShane and VonGlinow , a leader must be able to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of organization. McShane and VonGlinow outlined the competencies such as emotional intelligence, integrity, drive, leadership motivation, self confidence, intelligence and knowledge of business for effective leadership for change. When drastic organizational changes are involved having leaders who are people oriented as opposed to task oriented will be better able to anticipate the needs of the employs as they motivate and enable them to change.

The leadership styles that are effective in leading change and that are essential for leaders to maintain vigor and interest right through, nurture and organizational culture where work is not static and reciprocally rewarding and handle the stress effectively in the times of change. To understand the types of leadership styles, no one can tell that a specific leadership style is successful and effective in all the situations. Therefore a leader need not be perfect in all situations.

However he should be familiar with some of the common issues which immerge in day to day management.

These are 1. Along with good management — realize a focus on people in long run, get balance between task orientation and people orientation and have a flexibility to adopt particular leadership style for particular situation.

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Leadership is required and the form of leadership style that focuses organizational goals values, high order needs and gives meaning for people. The group is functioning in seven business sectors: consumer products, chemicals engineering, energy, materials, communication and information technology and services.

The group was founded by Jamsedji Tata in and chaired till Today, it has operations in more than 80 countries in the world. Over companies of Tata group are operating independently and the key products of these companies are: automotive, airline, steel, electricity generation, chemicals, beverages, telecom, retail, consumer goods, engineering, construction and financial services. The number of employees working in the Tata group are 4, 55, The group remains a family owned-from the Tata family- as majority stake own by Tata family.

Tata Sons is the promoter of all important Tata companies and holds the bulk of shareholding in these companies. The Tata group has helped in establishing and financed for numerous quality research, educational, and cultural institutions. He completed his schooling in Mumbai and Shimala, B. Tata, at that time the share of Tata Sons in the group of Tata companies was very low.

In all the share of Tata family in all the companies under Tata Group came down to 1. It is the result of his vision towards exercising the control by increasing the share in the companies.

For this he handled every situation carefully, worked together with all officers and gained cooperation from his team members. This change has been effected by the leadership of the Ratan Tata by using unity of command and unity of direction. The Tata group instituted an eight-hour workday, before nearly any other company into world. It is also decided by Ratan Tata to use the brand by all the companies under Tata Group.

With this he established the identity of Tata Group. However, the established brand such as Taj Group of Hotels kept as it is. Because of this it helped to codify the companies under Tata brand. He wanted to know the people that the name Tata is not only related to iron and steel but it is also related to technologies, chemicals, textiles, information and communication, etc.

He was determinant to communicate the values of Tata group of companies, i. Because of brand and trademark, it brought a coordination and relevance to communicate the values of Tata Group to the common people. Ratan Tata says creativity is a nucleus of business excellence. He used this excellence in Titan watches.

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The thinnest watch or the low priced car in the world i. Nano and supercomputer are manufactured by Tata Group.

These are the examples of Tata Group. The forum works for generating the idea among the people and tries to bring it in practice. Tata nano, Tata Swach and a software to teach illiterate adults in 40 hours are few examples. When brand establish and becomes popular worldwide the other manufacturers unduly copy the brand.

In this connection Ratan Tata is soft. According to him one should not be behind such a common manufacturer, who imitates a strong brand. However, if it becomes dangerous to the customers and sold illegally on such circumstances Tata Group shall defend legally at national level and it will take help of World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO at international level.

This generated the idea to manufacture a small car in Rs. Unfortunately some political leaders agitated against the project on land acquisition issue. It was a tough time for Ratan Tata, however he solved it calmly. Because he thought that these are uncontrollable factors and it was a solution to such a problem.

Nano was a promise about commitment to the creativity. When you succeed people expect more. Ratan Tata responded to this expecting that we too are human beings.

Tetley had a well established distribution network and experience of selling tea bags in markets such as the US, UK, Canada and Europe. In Tata Chemicals acquired Bruner Mod. The company has renamed Tata Steel Europe. The acquisition of Corus brought the Tata Group as seventh largest steel producer in the world. The Tata group is developing this device for clean drinking water for the people at low cost.

It is the idea that has been generated by Ratan Tata because of the tsunami tragedy of in the Indian Ocean. The device will work without electricity and will fulfill the need of clean drinking water to the family having five members and cost less than Rs.

The Tata Medical Centre was inaugurated by Ratan Tata to provide medical facilities to the needy people. From Tata Group donated Rs. These donations are divided in: 1. Institutions, 2.

Tata Group

Management of natural resources and rural employment, 3. Urban poverty and employment, 4.The author digs into the heart of the Tata group, and information systems and communications, describes its origins. McShane and VonGlinow outlined the competencies such as emotional intelligence, integrity, drive, leadership motivation, self confidence, intelligence and knowledge of business for effective leadership for change.

Tata Perhaps. Akshay Patidar. The organization's identity is seen from to what they perceive to be its Indian-ness. The Different stakeholder groups have different reputation for 'goodness' not only increased perceptions. The thinnest watch or the low priced car in the world i.

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