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Enterprise 3 - Test Booklet - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Enterprise 3 - Test Booklet. Enterprise 3 Teacher s Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. The course book. Enterprise 3 Test Booklet - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Endko Shiilegbat , Working at Facebook Follow. Published in: There are three of us: I don't have any brothers or sisters. My mum is a housewife and my dad is a bank manager.

I'm thirteen years old. I'm about 1. As you can see from the photograph. I've got blue eyes and long blond hair. I usually wear dunga- rees and trainers. I love music. My favourite is pop music. I also love reading and horseback riding but I don't like swim- ming. Write back to me soon and tell me about yourself. Send me a photograph of yourself. Best wishes. T helps them understand the meaning, then T asks Ss to memorise the sentences.

Tchecks in the next lesson. People judge you by what you wear. You can tell a person's character by looking at their eyes. What's good for one person might not be good for another. It's a matter of taste. People can be very different from what they seem to be on the outside. The first opinion you form about someone doesn't usually change.

Enterprise Pre—lntermediate Coursebook - Unit 2: T checks in Eel the next lesson. T checks in the next lesson. T elicits answers from S3 and writes them on the board then asks some S3 to talk about Daryl Hannah using the notes. This 2 suggesmd answers followup can be assigned as written HW. T Character: D In 55 - 57 Hobbies: A In 33 - 35 pottery Beliefs: She looks antastic in expensive clothes.

She is a complicated person. She is also very using the words in context. It Ss can't explain the shy and she dislikes crowds and Hollywood parties. She wants to find someone special before she starts afamily.

Daryl has a simple lifestyle. She has strong views about the environment. She believes our modern lifestyle is destroying the environment. She also has strong views on life and says: Enterprise Pre-Intermediate Coursebook — Unit 2: She lives in a big house which is near the park.

Steven is a lawyer whose office is in Baker Street. Claire is a model who has been in many fashion shows.

Enterprise 3 Test Booklet / Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

Sarah is wearing a nice dress which fits her per- fectly. Ss then do the exercise. T checks round the class. This exercise can be assigned as written HW. C A bricklayer is someone who builds with bricks. D A nurse is someone who helps sick people. E A washing machine is a machine which washes clothes.

F A waiter is someone who serves food in a restau- rant. G A camera is a piece of equipment which takes photos. H A vacuum cleaner is a machine which cleans car- pets. She always gets up early. She never eats fattening food. Suggested answers I usually go to the gym after school. I always visit my grandparents at weekends. I never watch TV in the morning. T asks S5 to read the whole text first and try to guess the missing words.

Ss fill in the first two gaps with T's help. Her 7. Harrison Ford. T asks. He is 55 years old but he is still very handsome. He is tall and well-built. His brown hair is just starting to turn grey. He is a private person who does not like talking about his personal life. He is also a very caring person who works to protect the environment. He enjoys fixing things on his ranch and building things. All in all, Harrison Ford is a person we can admire. Although he is very famous.

Suggested answer You won't believe what a horrible place this is!

Enterprise 3. Teacher's Book. Pre-Intermediate. Книга для учителя

We are having a lousy time. The weather is cloudy, and the hotel we are staying at is very dirty. The beach is crowded and the water is filthy.

The local people are very unfriendly and the food is disgusting. I've never had such an awful time in my life! T writes them on the board.

Ss then work in closed pairs. Tchecks round the class, then asks some pairs to report to the class. Suggested answers A: What is the place like? C Stages of pairwork J B: It's really fabulous. At an'amazing camp—site. Are mete any nice beaches? T asks some pairs to report back to the class. What about the food? The food is excellent. He felt unhappy. It was stormy. He felt frightened.

It was hot and sunny. He felt happy. It was snowy and freezing. He felt excited. As an extension T can ask Ss to tell the class how they feel in such weather conditions. I feel miserable when the weather is snowy and freezing.

Past Simple — b 3. Present Perfect Cont. Present Perfect -f 2. Past Continuous - a 4. Enterprise Pre-intermediate Coursebook - Unit 3: Around the World 12 13 14 15 12 Ss do the exercise on their own. Have you seen Ago and when go with Past Simple.

While goes with Past Continuous. T goes through the table and explains how the sen- tences are formed, then Ss do the exercise with help from T. T points out that Ss are not allowed to change the words in bold and that they have to use two to li've words to fill in the blanks.

Tasks Ss. Tassigns Ex. Suggested answer Dear Mandy. How are you? I'm writing to you from Paris. I arrive four days ago with some friends. We are staying in a wonderful guest-house near th river. The weather is really hot and sunny. We have been doing a lot of sightseeing. Yesterda we went up to the top of the EiffelTower. We also visltei the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa.

Last night I tried a traditional French dish. While we were eating somebody stoli my camera. Now I must download a new one. I'll see you when I get back. T helps then understand the meaning. Suggested answers You understand different ways of life more after you have travelled to new places.

A person who works all the time and has no other interests is boring. Enterprise Pre-intermediate Coursebook - Unit 4: I have. I went to Paris last year. San Diego - sun. Los Angeles - sandy beaches. Hollywood C. San Francisco — cable cars.

Golden Gate Bridge D. Hawaii - palm trees. A, D in any order 5. D in any order 7. T helps 83 by miming or by giving exam- ples.

I'explains the meaning of the words in the list then Ss do the exercise. Follow-up p. This exercise can be assigned as HW. Afterss have described the places orally in class, they are asked to copy the tables in their notebooks and to be prepared to talk about each place in the next lesson. Suggested answers You can see cable cars and eat delicious fresh fish in San Francisco.

You can also watch street actors and musicians perform there. Los Angeles is very exciting and has some famous attrac- tions. The beaches are excellent and you can watch famous actors at work. You can also go to Hollywood. Travellers San Diego has wonderful beaches. You can also go to one ofthe world's largest zoos. Hawaii has golden beaches with palm trees and fantastic sunsets. You can also go to the Sea Life Park or enjoy the clubs.

He can see tall skyscrapers and the busy street below.

He can smell car exhaust fumes. As an extension, Ss can be asked to describe their neighbourhood using expressions from Exs. Turn right 4. Excuse me. Walk down Pine Avenue until you reach a car park.

At the car park. As yo walk along Mill Street. Continue down Mill Street, go pa: Cross over Cross Street and you wi see the hotel on the next corner on the right.

Thanks a lot. Could you tell me how to get in the library? Of course.

Walk down Mill Street. As you wali down Mill Street. Avenue on your right. Keep walking down Mi Street until you reach Cross Street. Turn left into Cross Street.

As you walk along Cross Street. Continue walking down the stree until you come to Park Avenue. Turn right intt Park Avenue and keep going until you set Loring Road. Turn left into Loring Road and yoi will see the library on your left. Thank you very much. As an extension, T asks S5 to memorise the Giving Directions box at home. The island was so peaceful that we felt com- pletely relaxed. The museum was so amazing that we spent a whole day there. It was such a noisy hotel that I didn't sleep well.

The hotel was so noisy that I didn't sleep well. They were such crowd ed streets that we missed the appointment. The streets were so crowded that we missed the appointment. Enjoy Reading 18 Suggested answers 20 Ex. I strongly advise you not to swim at Sunset Beach as the water is deep. The best thing you can do is to go to the island in September as it is less crowded. It is worth going to Cairo as there are many things to see. Para 1: What place is described?

Where is it? Why did the writer go there? What was the weather like? What did the writer see and do there? Does he recommend it or not? Then Tasks S3 to write their own description of a place they have visited and liked a lot.

Suggested answer I visited the National Gallery in London. The National Gallery is a large. The day we went there it was rainy and cloudy. We saw lots of beautiful and famous paintings. Renoir and Flembrandt. I bought a book about art from the gallery's bookshop. I had a wonderful time that day. Anyone who is interested in art should visit this gallery. T helps them understand the meaning. If you are bored in London. When you are visiting a foreign country.

Past Simple. Past Continuous.

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The boy in the second picture feels desperate. The men in the third picture feel tense and anxious. I don't want to die. The boy in the second picture may be saying: Someone must help me or III drown. The men in the third picture may be saying: Words heard on tape: Her eyes grew wide with terror as a huge python wound itself around her.

He grabbed desperately for the branches of a tree as the freezing water of the river carried him towards the sea. Slowly he raised his gun.

Ss explain the words in S5 ' L I or by giving examples using the words in context. If Ss can't explain the words. T helps Ss by miming or by giving examples.

Answers to the questions 1. Story A takes place in thejungle in the middle of the afternoon. Story 8 takes places in a river at night. Story C takes place in a forest at about midnight. In story A the weather was hot and sticky. In story B the weather was cold and rainy. In story C the weather was snowy. A Frances Clark. She felt hot. She felt like this because it was a hot and sticky afternoon and she was attacked by a huge python in the jungle.

B Sammy. He felt desperate and numb from the cold. He had fallen into the river. C Jake and Bill. They felt tired and excited. They felt like this because they had been hunting all day.

They saw a creature and shot it. B shouted hearing , freezing water touch. C moonless forest sight. T elicitslexplains the adjectives in the list. I was having a bath when my doorbell rang. I heard a noise in the garden so I went to see what it was. Enjoy Reading 8 a. Past Simple Past Continuous action in progress. They were standing at the edge of the cliff admiring the view. Tim was watching TV eating his supper.

A "Helpl". I can't hold on! T points out that before setting a scene Ss should think of a scene and visualise it. This will make it easier for them to start their narration. Miriam was unhappy and sad.

Paul was desperate and helpless because Miriam was leaving. They had no other choice.

Enterprise 3 Course Book

The writer sets the scene by describing the weather. Direct speech: This can't be true! The writer uses the senses in order to set the scene and end the story. Everything will be OK. Where did the story take place? At her office. When did the story take place?

At about midnight. Who was involved in the story? Diane Brookes. How did she feel? Tired because of the hard work. What happened? Some- one had come to take the computer disc. Is that 17 Enterprise Pre-intermediate Coursebook - Unit 6: When the gorilla touched James" hand he said. I'll help you.

Suggested beginning Picture A: James was walking along the paths of the zoo. The was empty as it was two o'clock in the afternoon and it was cold and rainy. James went up to the gorillas cage and was shocked to see that it had cuts on its arms and dirty fur. James rowed the boat across the river. It's OK now. You're free. Unit 6 - The Lost World I: Objectives 3 Reading: Past Perfect - Past Perfect Continuous.

They lived a very long time ago. Now you can see them in museums. Tshould play this tapescript twice. SS listen to the tape once trying to answer the questions. SS listen to the tape again and under- line the correct word. Suggested Pre-questions 1. What did the professor see when he opened his eyes? What happened when the velociraptors were about to attack the professor? What was the woman wearing? Why was the professor horrified? B In T can ask Ss comprehension questions.

Enterprise Pre-Intermediate Coursebook Unit 6: The Lost World Suggested answers The baby dinosaur was no biggerthan a chicken. It had yellow and green stripes on its back and white legs. The velociraptors walked on two feet. A giant lizard with a long tail and walking on two feet tried to attack Professor Kearns. Others appeared and when they were about to attack him. It grabbed and killed one of the velociraptors and the others ran away in fear.

The next day while Professor Kearns was picking fruit. When he tried to touch it. Suddenly a pteranodon swooped down, picked Professor Kearns up with its sharp claws and carried him away. Past Perfect. Past Perfect Continuous. We use Past Perfect when sth happened before sth else in the 4 past. We use Past Perfect Continuous when a past action had visible results in the past or when a past action continued over a period up to a certain time in the past.

Tchecks round the class.

Have you ever been to the theatre? When was that? Two weeks ago. What was it like? It was entertaining.

Have you ever been to the fairground? It was thrilling. Visitors needn't download a guidebook. Visitors must leave their bags at the door. Visitors mustn't touch the exhibits. Guests mustn't disturb the other guests staying in the hotel. Guests must leave the room by Guests needn't tidy their rooms.

Guests mustn't leave any valuables in their rooms. T can ask S5 to think of other places [e. You mustn't cheat during the exams. You needn't wear a uniform. This can be assigned as written HW. Tcan refer S5 to the Grammar Reference Section p. I 13 of Students book to revise the theory. We form the comparative degree by adding -er to adjectives consisting of up to two syllables.

He is taller than me. Ann is more beautiful than Claire. We use not as as to compare peoplelthings that are or are not the same. We use than after the comparative form of adjec tives. Giraffes' mouths are not as big as hippos'.

Hippos have bigger teeth than giraffes. Giraffes have longer necks than hippos. Hippos have shorter legs than giraffes. Giraffes are taller than hippos. Hippos aren't as tall as giraffes. Hippos are fatter than giraffes. Giraffes aren't as fat as hippos. Giraffes run faster than hippos.

Giraffes are not as dangerous as hippos. Project p. This project is assigned as written HW. Tchecks in 4 1. In the 2. See Teachers book forthe 3.

Enterprise 3 Teacher s Book

Watched 4. Enterprise Pre-intermediate Coursebook - Unit 7. The ostrich's beak is not as long as the pelican's. C E Objectives 3 Vocabulary: I think that a man is invited into a house by two 1. The story took place in a castle during a stormy night. It was pouring with rain and there was thunder and lightning.

He got out ofthe car and ran quicklythrough the rain to the castle. Mrs McDougall's daughter welcomed him into the castle. Mrs McDougall had tea with George. George woke up after a good night's sleep and realised he was alone in the castle. He left a note for the McDouga s and went back to his car. The man went to a cafe for breakfast. When he talked to the waitress about the two women in the castle. She told him thatthe two women had died in a car accident ten years before.

The man was shocked. The following phrases should be underlined: I'm Mrs McDougall. My daughter told me we had a guest. I haven't seen him for ten years. George Philips was driving carefully Past Con- tinuous It was late at night and he was looking forward to Past Continuous and explained what had happened. We use Past Perfect for an action which happened before sth else in the past. We use Past Perfect Continuous for an action which had been happening before another action in the past. He had been painting the house all day.

He had been digging in the garden. She had been studying for hours. He had been working in the garden for hours. She had been studying since morning. The beggar asked him for some money. Tim looked at him strangely. TeamA Then he said. The beggar looked very sad and said, "Yes. Seconds later 3. As soon as - Direct Speech.

The following sentences should be underlined: I suppose it is. Nobody was injured. What's next? A Ghostly Welcome. The story took place on an aeroplane during a night flight. Janet Porter a policewoman and a hijacker c.

The most important event was when Janet held her gun to the back of the man's head and told him to drop his weapon and lie down on the floor.

The plane landed safely and the police arrested the man. By using direct speech. As they were putting the hijacker into the car, he struggled with the police and managed to getaway. As he ran off. Janet shouted. Two men came out of a building. The men jumped into a car and sped away.

Mark followed them. Police cars blocked the road. Mark arrested the men. The police officers handcuffed the men. When he found it he got trapped in the cave and couldn't get out. The man felt hot and sticky in the jungle.

Picture 2: He saw the dark shape of a man and started running. Picture 3: He found a big cave which was full of treasure. Picture 4. Picture 5: He got trapped in the cave. As an alternative T can ask. They saw a sign warning not to swim but they ignored it. They went into the water with their boards and a shark appeared.

They got onto one surfboard and pushed the other towards the shark. They paddled towards the beach. They reached the beach safe and sound.She thinks she'll enjoy herself. The team with the most points is the winner. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Words heard on tape: Out of the standard products available in the market, an organization can chose an ERP product for implementation, depending on the features available and the total cost of ownership TCO.

Para 1: