Shadow's Edge is a fantasy novel written by Brent Weeks and is the second novel in The Night Shadow's Edge book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kylar Stern odrzucił życie zabójcy. Po krwawym przewrocie, zorgani. Shadow's Edge: The Night Angel Trilogy, 2 [Brent Weeks] on Shadow's Edge (Night Angel Book 2) and millions of other books are available for.

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Uploaded by: TRESSA Shadow's Edge: Night Angel Trilogy, Book 2 (Audible Audio Edition): Brent Weeks, Paul Boehmer, Tantor Audio: Books. Compre o livro Shadow's Edge: Book 2 of the Night Angel: 2/3 na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. Shadow's Edgeleft Shadow's Edge is a fantasy novel written by Brent Weeks and is the second novel in The Night Angel Trilogy. Shadow's Edge takes .

Imagine she never explained the reasoning behind it or who they were; just ground it into your head from infancy. You can feel the danger pressing in around you and without knowing how or why, you suddenly understand every dire warning your mother ever whispered.

You understand on a primeval level. Welcome to the opening of this book.

Learned all the wrong lessons from George RR Martin

It had me from page one. Geissinger builds a beautiful world upon truly unique shifter lore.

The story centers around an ancient tribe born out of the dense jungles of Africa in a time before humans kept histories.

Our female lead, Jenna, is a half-blood, with a human mother and a terribly powerful Ilkati father.

She protects her daughter the one way she knows how, by teaching her how to hide, to never let anyone get too close, to never give her trust. I want to slap that woman.

I understand why she acted the way she did throughout the book, I really do. And there are interesting and thoughtful conversations that can be had on these issues.

Where I tend to fall not that I think anyone particularly cares, but this is my review, after all on the A Song of Ice and Fire series, at least, is that one of the driving forces for Martin was to depict the stereotypical fantasy world as an analogue for Medieval Europe, replete with violence, death, and the subjugation of others, especially women.

I fully acknowledge that not everyone interprets those books in that way.

To me, this seems to edge closer to torture porn or, more aptly described: rape porn. Some of the women are strong Elene and Vi and powerful Momma K , but every woman is a sexual object. Women in the Night Angel trilogy exist for one thing: to be beautiful objects of desire, whether they will it or not.

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At the end of it all, everyone woman is defined by her body, and the use that is made of it. Before I appear too hard on Weeks, fantasy writers have always struggled to find roles for women in their books. When not depicted them as objects to be protected or desired think any Disney movie ever , writers either ignored them altogether JRR Tolkien or mishandled them so completely as to make them unrecognizable Robert Jordan.

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And, as I said, I like this book. The characters learn, and grow, and face real obstacles.


The women play an integral role in what happens, here, and are often driving the plot forward. Key parts of his novel fall apart without the women, and the men tend to recognize not only their power, but their importance and responsibility in achieving overall goals.

The brutality in the Night Angel trilogy, however…..The breakdown lends itself to a dissociation from the novel. I really enjoyed this second book in The Night Angel series.

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It was something I just had to make myself do, despite the times I had tried and failed in the past. This is activated by crushing said metallic ball which becomes a liquid and then covers the body. While Weeks is talented at developing the video game fantasy, a genre I am now officially defining for public benefit, it lacks most of what I love in a good read.

I tried. If you think people should sacrifice themselves for no real good reason at all.