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When it comes to saving the Maison Noirot from disaster, I adore how she uses her amazing arsenal of talents — considerable guile, irresistible charm, remarkable literary talents and brilliant disguises — to maximum effect. Streams of words about ribbons and bows and lace and pleats here and gathers there. No thread goes unmentioned.

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He has a great sense of humour which is a big plus in my book. He never professes to be an intellectual giant but he is far more intelligent than he gives himself credit for.

Sophy was too experienced in deceit to show her feelings. He also considers how worried his parents must be and sends a message to let them know she is safe.

Scandal wears satin

His mind went hazy then, images of muslin and lace underwear strewed themselves about his brain, and somewhere in that dishevelment was a blue-eyed angelic devil, mostly unclothed. He waved a hand, waving the images away.

He was only beginning his siege, and he knew — he could always tell — he faced a very trick fortress. And, loertta enough, a remarkable gift for languages!

Well, this guy is not the smartest tool on the shelf by his own admission. I know that some better authors try to vary their characters a bit, but this case was a sad failure.

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I enjoyed this second book in The Dressmakers series. But, occasionally, she has moments of insecurity and uncertainty and I love that vulnerable side of her.

The rigid role division of the time, the sexist and class-based assumptions everyone made, were only going to feed those prejudices. She tried to give him a push.

Harry may not be as smart as Sophy but he views the world very clearly, and no matter what scheme Sophy is running, Harry always sees the Sophy behind the act. Instead, her quest finds her rescued by the most unlikely and very reluctant hero!

Something the Noirot sisters excel at. If you read her previous books in print it is well worth the price to hear them in audio as they become available.

Scandal Wears Satin

There is a secondary plot involving their rival dressmakers as well as blooming attraction between the scandl and h, however, this book failed to keep me hooked. Most 10 Related.It makes her even more lovable.

In most romances it is usually the hero who takes centre stage but, in Scandal Wears Satin, Sophy is definitely the star of the show in my opinion. He has a great sense of humour which is a big plus in my book. Post on Mar views.

SWE 1. From the Journals of Sophia Noirot: