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The marriage in his novel is in crisis due to patriarchal views held by the husband, the large difference in age and class between husband and wife, and the relentless encroaching of struggles by women the world over for equal rights.

The book opens a few months after the husband, a famous painter, has suffered a massive stroke. He blames the stroke on his wife and their increasingly violent arguments even though he is overweight and had been diagnosed with hypertension some years ago.

This man has had much success as a painter and has been a continuous womanizer since even before his marriage. He thinks quite highly of himself and relates his amorous liaisons contrasted with the recriminations his wife pours on his head. As I read I began to realize that the painter is both an unreliable narrator as well as a man who feels it is his privilege to live as he pleases, have affairs, travel the world and hoard his money, as long as he gives his wife enough to run the household.

They have children whom she is tasked with raising.

All he wants from them is their love and adoration. Also, though the marriage was not arranged and supposedly entered into with love on both sides, the wife is much younger and comes from a small, impoverished Moroccan village.

The painter wanted a woman to give him children and the wife wanted to move up in class and affluence. Their two families have never gotten along and this class conflict is a virulent source of trouble for the couple.

Different here is the anger exhibited by the wife. Shortly after the birth of their first child she became aware of his infidelities and his stinginess with money and made no secret about her fury.

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Le Puy- en-Velay laughs at gravity, its medieval and Renaissance structures built on and around towering volcanic plugs.Finally, and this is perhaps the worst part, in the climactic confrontation in the end, the main character, Leven, must rely on all of his friends to win.

A very good, easy read. A stalemate of almost a year ensues.

Surely all women get mad at their husbands and dream of ways to retaliate but this one goes ahead and does it! They seemed be more comic filler to stretch a novella of about pages into a novel of about pages.