J.H. Brennan - Astral Doorways - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Astral Projection. Download Astral Doorways j h Brennan PDF. Description. Download Astral Doorways j h Brennan PDF Free in pdf format. Collection of works on Astral Workings. J. H. Brennan - Astral Doorways: Techniques for Experiencing the Boundless Possibilities of the Astral Plane.

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Astral Doorways pdf by J. H. Brennan. The part the astral but she seemed like. This as you will to a, very clearly observed. This world and lesser realms it, pays to. Astral Doorways (): J.H. Brennan: Books. Brennan, J. H. The astral projection workbook: how to achieve out-of-body Astral Doorways 7. The AstralI Ching .. Their titles were The Pineal Doorway and Beyond the H. Brennan uses his 30 years' experience in.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to increase the twenty-minute period. To do so will not mean faster progress. These exercises, simple as they are, represent your first deliberate contact with the Astral Plane.

My earlier remarks about fascination are just as relevant now as they will be later. You will reap no benefits from driving yourself.

Work regularly at your own rate. There is lots of time. But don't worry if you have to spend more than two weeks: with some exer- cises much more. Youcan only develop in your own time and the results will be worth the wait. Your next exercise may seem a big step from simple geometrical figures.

But there is every chance you will actually find it easier. Take a good look round the room. Then shut your eyes and try to visualize it.

After a minute or so, bpen your eyes again and check on the accuracy ofyour mental picture. This exertise is tied in closely with your powers of observation. You may be very surprised at how much you will forget in the instant between closing your eyes and beginning to visualize.

Now close your eyes and try again. It will probably be fairly easy--ven at first-to visualize the broad outline. But you must try to do more than this. You must ettempt to fill in the various details. Again there is no need to hurry, no need to force yourself.

The details will come in their own time. Initially it will be enough to visualize iust that part of the room you could see before you shut your eyes.

Work at this until you have filled in the finer details, including colours. Once you have managed this, imagine yourself walking all around the room, noting detail as you go along. Spend a few of your exer- cise periods doiig this in one diiection-only. That is to say, imagine yourlef startinglt the door and circling the room in a clockwise direction until you are back at the door.

Afterwards, check your visualization by doing the same thing physically. Once the visualization has become strong and easy, try mentally moving round the room in the opposite direction.

Title: The Astral Projection Workbook - J.H.Brennan

Continue with this until you find it as easy to wander around the room in your imagination as you do in your physical body. You may notice that in this exercise you consistently forget some object in tle room.

Should this occur, it is often useful to try a little self-analysis. Why should it be that one object which gives you trouble and not another? What are your feelings towards it generally I And why do you have these feelings? You may find the reason for your lapses of memory is some unpleasant association with the obiect which you had consciously forgotten.

Your next exercise is very similar to the last.

Again it involves the imaginary examination of a room. But this time choose one in some other part ofthe house. Treat it exactly as you treated the room in which you are sitting. It is important that in none of these present exercises should you visualize people: especially people you know.

See a Problem?

Once you'have established strong visualization of the new room, try developing imaginary touch. Try to 'feel' the texture of the curtains, the surface of the table or whatever.

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Astral Projection Plain & Simple: The Out-of-Body Experience

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From gut feelings to uncanny dreams, from deja vu to women's intuition, psychic experiences are a normal part of being human. Now repeat several times Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 above. It is the world of powerful creative imagination and also of most false delusion, a perilous but indispensable field of action for the occultist.