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Scientific ambition is not inherently problematic, and may be a powerful constructive force for scientific advancement. But we want our literature to have true, valid, Wow Effects, not ones that cannot be replicated or ones promoted as powerful and pervasive, which upon further reflection or evidence-gathering are, in fact, weak, fragile, and fleeting, or which can be easily called into question under critical scrutiny.

JC comment: A litmus test of this is whether you are planning the press release for your paper before it is even accepted for publication.

A big problem is that many of these papers particularly in Nature Climate Change do not survive the first week of their press release without massive flaws having been uncovered.

Do I have a long track record of research that systematically validates a particular political or social narrative or agenda? This should be attempted as a regular practice. When the conclusions of your research are always predictable to outsiders, then your research will appear biased.

Am I receiving remuneration e. JC comment: Also consider biases that may be introduced from ideas you submitted in a federally funded grant proposal, that you are seeking to confirm. Did you submit ideas supporting the consensus on climate change, that you thought would give your proposal a better chance of funding?

See this previous post Have I generated theoretical arguments for competing and alternative hypotheses and designed studies to incorporate and test them? Have I read some of the literature highlighting the invidious ways our motivated biases, morals, and politics can creep into our scientific scholarship?

Doing so can alert one to ways in which our preferences might distort our science.

After having done so, have I made a good faith attempt to eliminate such biases from my scholarship? JC recommendation: check out my collection of blog posts related to this topic, discussing relevant papers in the literature [ link ] Have I sought feedback from colleagues with very different preferences and perspectives than mine or with track records of scholarship that often contest my preferred narratives?

I get that there are morons in the twitosphere, by all means mute or block them. Take note, Michael Mann and Katherine Hayhoe. For the latest drama in this regards, see this from Ross McKitrick.

Earth Unaware

However, as a starting heuristic, meeting six of the seven probably justifies confidence that the research has kept bias mostly in check. Although that, too, is a matter of judgment, one possibility will be to start over.

Prior to publication of the Webster et al. As an established, tenured Professor, my main objectives in publishing papers were to produce seminal papers that would stand the test of time, and hopefully change the way scientists think about the topic I was publishing on. I was also motivated to help my students and postdocs get established in their scientific careers. That all changed in September , following publication of the Webster et al.

The story behind all that was recounted in an interview with Keith Kloor at the now defunct Collide-a-scape. The relevant issue here is that I became enmeshed in a scientific and public debate that was rife with minefields that would contribute to motivated bias.

The attacks on us, particularly by Bill Gray, were ugly. We were being attacked publicly; this was WAR on science. Publication of the Webster et al. In the following year I was asked to review many many papers on this topic. I was very hard on papers that were generally critical.

I was a soldier in the noble fight against the war on climate science. I started paying attention to social media and blogs, and I became intrigued by RealClimate.

At the same time, I was most definitely paying attention to the criticisms from Gray, Landsea and others related to the quality of hurricane intensity data. The personal and professional shock of entering the public debate on climate change was deeply unwanted, surprising, and disturbing.

Well, the answer to that question was that urgent policy decisions were at stake, including rebuilding New Orleans.

With regards to AGW, for the first time the public realized that even 1 degree warming could actually matter, if it caused more intense hurricanes. Upon rereading this paper 13 years later, I still really like it.

You can already see evidence of my readings from philosophy and social science in trying to grapple with what was going on. Upon publication, our paper saw extensive discussion in the blogosphere. I used google to identify the blogs that were discussing this, and I stopped by each, leaving a comment stating my willingness to answer any comments.

On one blog, I entered into a particularly interesting discussion, where people wanted to look at the data, asked questions about the statistical methodology, etc. I continued to engage at CA see the Collide-a-scape interview for further details. Shaull, influenced both his ethical stances and religious who would later become one of the founders values. However, to what extent such an ethical- of liberation theology, began intensive work religious background influenced his critique of with young people, leading them into service political violence had remained unexplored.

It was an act of reconciliation since twofold goal of supporting the political struggle in Fals Borda had been excommunicated from the Latin America and establishing a similar strategy of Presbyterian Church of Colombia in In his short speech, Fals Borda stated: with Camilo Torres.

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And this pudo tener eco. The study, directed by , His study of the peasant community of struggle for social justice in Latin America.

Nor was this aspect of both theology and social science, on the one neglected in La Violencia en Colombia As side, and Protestants and Catholics, on the other. My research engaged in the conflict. It also led his critique to particular choral music, formed his personal the threshold of its aesthetic and celebrative ecumenical attitude as much as his professional dimension.

Folder profane nature. However, Benjamin warns us, little will inminentes. Mi plegaria entonces sigue vigente.

Not in dialectical terms such relation. It is saturated with it.

Music Notes has been a second dimension of my person, perhaps as much or more satisfactory than the scientific one. When the I carried out my doctoral research project thanks to a University 1 polyphonic structure of my works is analyzed, it is not difficult of Roehampton full scholarship for the period — I to find out that they have complemented each other. Carrie Hamilton and graduated in July There, Dr.Over the next few years, the reception of the activist wing of climate science to my response to Climategate and Climate Etc.

Cheater Consequently, they are then less likely to recommend publication of studies with undesired findings or funding for studies based on undesirable theories or hypotheses. Doing so can alert one to ways in which our preferences might distort our science.

Earth Unaware

After having done so, have I made a good faith attempt to eliminate such biases from my scholarship? Am I receiving remuneration e.

Ender in Flight Values influence each phase of the research process, including how people interpret research findings.