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Business Process F. Business Process Groups G. Blueprint document Answer: Business process repository B. Change request management C. Implementation guide D. Solution manager diagnostics E. Web application server Answer: Correct B. Incorrect Answer: Project preparation is a process consisting of multiple major process steps.

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This variant is automatically included when calling the report transaction. My Colleagues: Your own defined variant optional: Choose 2SHQ and enter the message number. With the buttons on the left. Service Desk Contract already defined.

Service management is tailored to the size. KDW LV. The impartial view of the external consultant may help to break away from the rigid structures. For each Solution Manager project a project cycle is beeing generated represented by a tasklist for managing the technical administration and a cycle transaction managing the organizational administration of the project cycle. Transport requests are only managed by the project cycle and the project assignment of each transport request is mandatory The Solution Manager project can be extended by cProjects for managing project phases and project tasks.

Project phases are static and linked to each cycle Each project cycle phase offers certain functions in differ by the project type. The role Change Manager is defined for managing project cycles. The role Developer is defined for doing changes in satellite systems. The role IT Operator is defined for managing imports.

The project cycle is an abstraction layer that cannot be changed representing the fix phase structure of a cycle. The cycle tasklist is one representative of the cycle and represents the system landscape tracks with tasks to be used by an IT operator or IT administrator for managing project related IT activities, esp.

Custom tasklist templates with additional tasks can be created by customers.

The cycle transaction represents the service request for managing the phase changes. Dokumentation, additional status, notification, electronic signatures etc.

Phase shifts should be done from within the cycle transaction but not from within the cycle tasklist since additional activities and status can only be managed from within the service reqeust.

ITIL is the de-facto global standard for service management. For more information, go to www. At the time of test confirmed status. No new transport requests can be created for that particular regular correction. All project-related transport requests are imported in the sequence in which they are exported into the test system.

Test transports are performed as transports of copies. Projects within the Change Request Management context are implementation. Urgent corrections are represented by a task list. Urgent corrections are fast changes that have to be imported into the production environment as quickly as possible.

Maintenance cycles are phases within an ongoing maintenance project. Any change related to a project moves synchronously from development through test to production or delivery. One maintenance cycle is represented by a task list. One implementation. During approval the existance of a Project cycle including a cycle transaction and a cycle task list is checked.

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Upgrade and Template Projects.. Regular Corrections are directly linked to a project cycle transaction and project cycle tasklist. Imports are done by means of import projects from within the cycle tasklist. Upgrade and Template Projects. All project-related transport requests are imported in the same sequence in which they are exported into the test system.

At development close. No new transport requests can be created for the regular correction. The urgent correction transaction allows to perform changes from development up to production in the context of a maintenance project cycle but individually.

An urgent correction tasklist is being closed when the urgent correction is being closed. An urgent correction can be described as the smallest subproject of a broader maintenance project cycle. A test message is supposed to be created by a tester but only in the phase test of a certain project. The test phase represents the integration test phase within a project cycle. Corrections are therefore not directly linked to a change request but to the allover project cycle.

Administration messages must be approved by a change request different to test messages that are opened to be performed whenever a project cycle phase is being switched to test.

Adminisration messages allow the documentation and test of administration changes in systems. The administration message is linked to the cycle tasklist and custom tasks can be added to the cycle tasklist template. Depending on the life cycle of parallel projects and on object conflicts. Transport Request. Task List. System Role. Component Type. It offers an complete solution to monitor all relevant functions within your landscape: As a result of this development.

SAP is shipping a lot of trend analysis reports which help to identify potential problems. Expert monitoring can not be automated! This is manual work! But still. This can only be defined with carefully watching the system and trying to find thresholds which are still acceptable. You can also customize all settings to your own requirements and. SAP recommends using both approaches simultaneously. To achieve comprehensive monitoring.

The complementary outside-in approach involves using tools from third-party manufacturers.

This form of business process-oriented system monitoring. If you want to setup monitoring for a system. Call transaction SMSY.

If the alert has a red or grey diamond status. Reason for that may be a MTE name mismatch or collectors not running in the system. On this screenshot you can see the table to change the threshold of the satellite system as described on the previous slide. For every System.

Once this is done. In this case. Another method is. A practical use would be if you are doing a one-time workload event on the system. With clicking on [MORE] you can open the history of alerts as shown on the next slide.

If something turns to red you can click on the alert to navigate into a more detailed view for further analysis. From here you can than complete the alerts. The average number of alerts per instance activated by default is 5. The number of alerts per host activated by default is 5. If there are a lot of systems to be monitored with the Solution Manager. This gives you the number of alerts retrieved per refresh.

The number of alerts per instances activated by default is There is also the option of using agent push technology. If a customer is already using a third-party support desk software. That way this RFC destination points to itself. It also reduces the time needed to train a support consultant in root cause analysis for SAP NetWeaver. With the possibilities of Solution Manager Diagnostics.

Solution Manager Diagnostics provides standardized tools for the support of customer solutions. The centralized approach avoids that many experts have to search for possible root causes on all components involved. The legend in the upper right corner shows.

It is covered by your maintenance agreement with SAP so you can do so at no extra charge. It is a monitoring tool that monitors the essential administrative areas of SAP components and keeps you up to date on their performance and stability.

In evaluating SAP components. SAP then recommends setting it to run on a weekly interval. Once the interval has been set. To do so. Service connections. SAProuter connections. To verify this. Centralized control from within one SAP Solution Manager Automate all the operations and processes needed to transfer performance data from the system s in which the data was collected to the system in which the data will be analyzed.

Data need not be collected again if usable current data is available This improves system performance. All the tasks performed are logged. The Service Data Control Center will only need to be activated once after it has been installed. Note that existing settings will not be overwritten. For this to work correctly.

You have: The job SM: Data collectors in the satellite systems aggregate analysis-relevant system and performance data weekly. Select this row. To refresh the task immediately. A dialog box appears. Your task number appears in a row in the 7R 'R tab. You go to the Service Data Control Center of the selected satellite system.

Call the Service Data Control Center transaction: To schedule the task once. You go to a screen in which the further procedure is explained.

All other data is from at least the date of the download. The performance data is for the last complete week. Proceed as described. Depending on the analysis. The symbols are visible both in the report and as a graphic alert in the system monitoring area of the SAP Solution Manager.

SM100 SAP Solution Manager Operations

These nodes can be deleted and more nodes of this type can be created. This node is created automatically by the system. One of the following must be installed: To facilitate the request of our customers. In case of any critical alerts monitored by SAP EarlyWatch Alert the results will be send in addition to those periodical reports.

At the moment SAP develops it also for java stand alone. You then have to make both systems. When using pure java system. Next you have to assign the java system as a system component which will then collect also the java data and show them in the EWA of the ABAP system. This is the old. Therefore go to the main instance tab and set a java main instance to relevant and assign your java system.

It will be released with the note On this system the alerts will be visible within the CCMS. Monitoring objects will be created for each solution in the Solution Manager context.

Whereas the Business KPIs should already considered during business process design. These additional data can be integrates in the Service Level Reporting.

Expert Team. In case of problems the Expert Teams are informed to solve the problems. In general the are two involved parties in operations of an IT system. The Help Desk is the first contact for the end users in case of problems. The contractual partners should have a common understanding of what they define in their Service Level Agreement. An availability of From a technical infrastructure point of view. This is important since typically there are time windows for planned downtimes used for system maintenance tasks.

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With this monitoring method. This agent is a stand-alone program that runs outside the SAP system. By using an agent. From a technical point of view. The concept of monitoring the availability of monitored components can be describes as an agent concept. GRMG is suitable both for technical monitoring and for application monitoring. This means that you can differentiate between the following situations. This means that the GRMG application can run separately from the components and applications that it is monitoring.

GRMG monitoring works as follows: The GRMG application in the target system performs all the tests for the availability of the monitored components or business process steps. GRMG consists of two parts: GRMG is suitable both for monitoring technical scenarios and web-based business scenarios.

Detected downtimes. ST SP You can store performance values for selected attributes of any systems in the CPH. The CPH should only exist on a central monitoring system that is.

For this to happen. For more details read SAP Note You use this check to specify an arbitrary amount of output groups and their characteristics. The assignment of attributes to groups can be made in the next check "Output Group Assignment". The aggregation level is defined again on daily basis. The requested indicator is not known in the CPH any more.

Check whether the EWA is available for the source system. Maintain the corresponding attribute in the Setup SLR. Check the CPH settings in the monitoring system. CPH does not contain any performance data for the requested indicator.

Indicator is taken into account in the next SL-report. Indicator not maintained in the SLR Customizing anymore. Configure indicator in the CPH. The Basis release of the monitoring system is lower than 6. Function module is missing for the data collection.

Move the CPH to a monitoring system that has at least Basis 6. For each system an own sub-check is created with individual checks and alert limits for the system availability and system performance thresholds. No additional load is put on the backend systems! In the next step you than choose one of the business processes as the basis for the SL report.

For all single steps within the business process you have to define: The fourth one is only available with the business process monitoring. Instead of selecting a business process from the Solution Directory it is also possible to add a business process definition here with steps like transactions, programs, or BW queries for analysis.

The threshold can only be set for Red alert, there is no yellow alert for this check. Once the SL Report is defined and saved it is automatically scheduled on a weekly basis per default. Like on an EWA Report you now have the possibility to open the wizard, using the edit button, to post process the SL report result.

Post processing means accessing the detailed view to analyze the problems more in detail and, if necessary, to define actions using the action list. In here you can specify who, what and when an action has to take place to fix the problem found. Dialog Response Time, Avg.

Database Response Time. Based on those indicators a trend analysis can be generated, which shows trends like the database growth, performance values etc. As described on the previous page the import of new functionalities can be very critical regarding the system stability. Also this SL report helps you to analyze problems and to be able to see dependencies between events and problems in your system. Instead of sending a report manually as described on the pages before, you can also send the reports automatically.

The recipient list can be defined using the path specified above. In general there are two possibilities to receive data from the satellite systems: SL Reporting. You can download the analysis to your local PC as an Excel file.

The analysis is presented in ALV grid format. Go back to the initial screen. You can adjust the layout to your requirements. Procedure description.

As there are no procedures in this context. Transport path. Project type. Project IMG.If for instance there is a problem with a material.

Data collectors in the satellite systems aggregate analysis-relevant system and performance data weekly. No new transport requests can be created for that particular regular correction. Select Get Variant and choose the according variant. Your own defined variant optional: This means that with the setup of the monitoring so-called monitoring tree elements MTEs will be created.

These activities should be documented so that the different people know what they have to do in order to support the business process and in order to make sure that all parts of the business process are supported.

The customer therefore needs to have a central and comprehensive view of the business partner.